Hi I’m Charlee and welcome to my site. I hope these pages will provide you with the information you are looking for but if not please drop me an email.

Brief Bio
I have grown up and lived in London for most of my life, attending Notting Hill & Ealing High School for girls, Davies Laing & Dick college and Imperial College university where I achieved a BEng with Honours in Computing.

Having developed a number of disabilities in my early twenties I have changed my outlook on life. As I am currently not working due to this I do as much volunteering as I can.

I learnt a number of musical instruments and still love to sing. I rode motorcycles for 10 years and hope to ride again someday but am sticking with the car for now. I have family in Spain and try to visit this wonderful land as often as possible where I can just about hold a conversation in the native Castillian. I am obsessed with Pandas and was lucky enough to volunteer in the Wolong reserve. I have a beautiful Russian Blue x Silver Tabby cat called Cosmo Austin Whiskerton and I love him dearly.

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